Friday, April 3, 2009

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today in fashion alot of people seem to be following others trends. A lot of boys are now wearing more fitted jeans and even skinnny leg jeans. Mostly Levis, True Religions, Rockin Republics, and Sevens jeans are popular amongs alot of people especially teens nowadays. With girls the popular shoes to wear are Uggs, Coach sneakers, Pradas, Gucci, etc. The sneakers are the usual Nikes, Dunks, Air Maxs, and Jordans(alot of high top sneakers best worn with skinny leg jeans). Also with both girls and boys Tims are still popular, but Asolo boots have become really popular this year. For some girls plaid-like shirts are in style and other kinds of H&M(storebrand clothes) styles. T-shirts and jeans are also always in style: Areopostale, Abercrombie, American Eagle, Ed Hardy, etc. "Arab scarves" also became something popular to wear this year with many outfits.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

In The Music World Right Now

What's good in music right now? I listen to all types of music: Pop, a little country(mostly Taylor Swift), Rock, Rap, Raggae, and Hip Hop and R&B(my favorite). I think that the singer the Dream makes really good music; I love his new video "Rocking That Thang". I also like this new rapper named Kid Cudi and his single " Day n Nite".
Also on my list of new great songs/videos are:

When I listen to songs I usually first listen to see if I like the beat of the music and the words. I love songs with deep meanings, but I also like some songs just because they're fun to sing and dance to like the GS Boys song "Stanky Leg", which me and my friends always dance to when the video comes on(lol).

In My Future

I am in the twelth grade and expecting to graduate this June with the class of 2009. After high school I plan on attending a four year college in New York or either Pennslyvania. I'm not sure of what I will major in when I get to college because I'm not really sure of what career path I want to follow.

I know that I love working with young kids and I always have; since I don't have any little brothers or sisters of my own. Although I love working with kids I DON'T want to be a teacher. So I was thinking of maybe being a social worker or doing something else that involves helping kids. Right now I work at an elementary school in Brooklyn helping first graders improve on their reading skills through an afterschool program called "READ:Teens lead...Children read". Here's the organization's link----->

I haven't really gotten a chance to explore different interests, so i don't know what I could really be interested in. I am hoping that I will be able to find out more about myself when I enter college and explore different interests so that I can work towards a succesful future doing something that I love. I also want to do alot of traveling to places that i've never been before so that i can see more of the country that I live in and also explore other beautiful countries.